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Chechen official desires a small as an additional spouse, the Kremlin turns a blind attention

Moscow (AsiaNews) – For months now Russian news is high in articles regarding the tale of a senior middle-aged official for the Chechen authorities, who would like to just just take a woman that is a minor as their 2nd spouse. Russia has prohibited both polygamy and wedding with minors but, inspite of the outcry throughout the instance, the Kremlin has barely intervened into the event. The government that is russian the ‘governor’ Ramzan Kadyrov as a detailed ally when you look at the turbulent Muslim bulk Caucus area.

The headlines was initially reported because of the opposition paper Novaya Gazeta and soon after by separate television Dozhd, by having a succession of claims and denials. Based on Novaya, the authorities officer threatened to destroy the lady’s family members also to stop the bride from fleeing, has put checkpoints during the entrances to your town where she lives.

The storyline

The protagonist is Nazhdu Guchigov, mind for the Nozhay-Yurt authorities division, really near Kadyrov, currently hitched and family members guy. The person, 57, intends to marry Kheda Goylabieva, that is simply 17 yrs old.

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