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Exactly about Bernie Sanders’s Unsettling, Unfinished Super Tuesday

On morning, Burlington, Vermont, was warm enough for short sleeves tuesday. Bernie Sanders wore a suit coat and drove their car that is own Subaru Forester, to their regional polling spot, a residential district and relaxation center. Their spouse, Jane, rode shotgun. They stepped within the rec center and sat down seriously to vote. “I think I’ll simply take a Democrat, ” Sanders quipped, to no body in particular. “Why maybe maybe perhaps not? ” Then he walked away into a news scrum. He provided a stump that is abbreviated and declined to resolve a concern from the reporter about “all the moderates endorsing Joe Biden, ” as he headed returning to the Subaru.

Tuesday Super

A number of Sanders supporters had gathered to see him on Election Day, and I spoke with a thirty-seven-year-old named Ali Dieng, who held a Sanders sign and told me that he had come to the United States thirteen years ago, from Mauritania outside the polling place.

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