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We Tried Muslim Dating Apps and that means you Don’t Need To

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With “ spoopy ” season arriving at a close, we’re quickly approaching the time that is greatest of the year for rishtay wali aunties, or match-making aunties: cuffing season.

This might be year round for y’all if you’re a woman in your twenties. You’ll get stopped at random supper events and questioned regarding the life plans by aunties you’ve never met. Your dad might get back from jummah, saying he simply went into some guy you went along to primary college with, who’s an engineer now at a technology start-up. Your grandmother will ask (lacking any type or style of subtlety) when you’ll be engaged and getting married.

And perhaps you’re ready to accept the concept, or having some FOMO that is serious through engagement notices on the Facebook website. Maybe it is a variety of PMS, and infant fever. Or possibly the pieces have actually really (alhumdulillah) get together, and also you feel willing to get hitched. Long lasting explanation, you’ve began to think about your choices. You’re away from college now, and hadn’t actually liked anybody within the MSA.

Exactly what are your options? You scour the net pages of the masjid that is local for events. There’s that woman into the community that knows the scoop on almost everyone. Then there are dating apps.

And so I, and our social networking Editor Hadeel, endured the embarrassing group of Muslim dating profiles which means you don’t need to (you’re extremely welcome). Here’s just just what occurred. Hadeel would be like an interjecting ghost throughout this informative article. She simply desires someplace to vent.

The Set-Up


As I’ve gotten older, my relationship with wedding is quite tumultuous. Too often, it is like a chore, a product to test down on society’s range of objectives. I became raised convinced that i might graduate university at 22, start working, and acquire hitched immediately after.

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