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Exactly how much it costs: it is possible to produce a merchant account at no cost, but a complete account is needed seriously to talk to other users. Just for $4 30 days, or $15 when it comes to entire year, you will want to?

Con: The bad news is this web site is sort of confusing to browse. There is lots of tabs that one may browse, and there is no genuine organization that is clear your website, at the very least perhaps not for somebody as OCD as me. It is not clear just what each tab is obviously for either. As an example, the tab labelled Dune Buggy, there is no clear description (or warning) of just exactly just what it really is, but after scrolling through it we regrettably discovered it is a comic for really mature audiences involving lots of penis jokes. Maybe perhaps perhaps Not certain why’s it really is on a dating/social networking website, but ok.


Exactly just just What it’s about: Intellectconnect is more for nerds than geeks. In their own personal terms, Intellectconnect has an exlusive conference spot for thinkers, brainiacs and also the intellectually inquisitive. You are likely to find them here if you are looking for someone smart.

Just how much it costs: account is totally free.

Cons: It’s a site that is rather bland but we understand first-hand that interests intellects. It is additionally maybe maybe not for geeks, but also for the intellectual as well as for individuals thinking about the arts. Simply put, it type of is like a hipster internet https://rubridesclub.coms site. It is additionally an extremely questionnaire that is generic that could be either a very important thing, or a negative thing to get an array of people.

The Right Stuff

Pros: The Right Stuff is a remarkably exclusive dating internet site for intellects. You need to be a graduate, faculty user, or student that is current of quick variety of about 70 prestigious universities, just like the Ivy League schools or MIT.

It is perhaps maybe not a normal site that is dating. To be authorized because of this web site, you’ve got to submit evidence they are a graduate, pupil, or faculty person in the menu of universities supplied on the internet site.

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