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Israeli business empowers feminine farmers in Latin America

Growing need for normal annatto meals coloring produces an ecosystem that is unique subsistence farmers.

In Peru, Brazil, Guatemala along with other Latin US countries, lots of women will be the primary breadwinners and find it difficult to support their loved ones through subsistence agriculture.

The Israeli international flavor and fragrance producer Frutarom Group has launched a distinctive collaboration with an area farming partner that is designed to enable these females by using them to assist meet up with the growing interest in normal annatto coloring.

“Frutarom Natural Options BU offers local ladies farmers and growers in Latin America a secured income and versatile collaboration to make sure a secure, sustainable and constant availability of normal annatto coloring, ” claims Yoni Glickman, president of Frutarom Natural Systems.

Annatto is a seed that is oily the achiote tree. Normal pigments into the seeds would be the carotenoids bixin and norbixin. They vary in color from yellowish to tones that are orange stay stable despite the consequences of light, temperature and oxidation.

Frutarom has a way of extracting the seeds that allows data data data recovery of high-antioxidant e vitamin while somewhat minimizing fresh fruit waste, Glickman states.

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