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Revolutionary litigation filed against three countries to safeguard girls’ rights in Latin America

Geneva (PR RELEASE) – Today, the guts for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood worldwide, Mujeres Transformando el Mundo Guatemala (MTM), Observatorio en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva Guatemala (OSAR), Surkuna Ecuador, Fundacion Desafio and Asociacion de Mujeres Axayacatl filed case using the un Human Rights Committee (the Committee) with respect to four girls, all survivors of intimate physical physical violence from Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

The cases need accountability, justice, and reparation when it comes to girls, and call when it comes to implementation and adoption of policies to safeguard the intimate and reproductive liberties of females and girls, not merely in Latin America but around the globe. This is actually the very first time that four instances are presented ahead of the Committee having a combined strategy against various states to tackle a regional problem, and are usually emblematic of on-going systemic individual legal rights abuses through the area, where girls are frequently afflicted by intimate punishment and forced into pregnancies and motherhood against their will.

The aim of the litigation would be to make visible the negative wellness effects that girls suffer in very restrictive contexts for intimate and reproductive legal rights.

Each country is obligated to ensure girls’ rights to life and wellness, to help you which will make their decisions that are own their health and course in life, and also to live without any gender-based discrimination and physical violence.

“The failure of states to ensure reproductive liberties is really a violation that is clear of liberties, ” said Nancy Northup, President and CEO regarding the Center for Reproductive Rights. “Systemic intimate physical violence combined with minimal usage of intimate and reproductive wellness solutions implies that ladies and girls in Latin America while the Caribbean are often obligated to hold undesired pregnancies to term.

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