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Line 30300 – Spouse or common-law partner quantity. Claim whichever is way better for you personally.

Note: Line 30300 was line 303 before income income income tax year 2019.

Claim this amount if, whenever you want when you look at the 12 months, you supported your partner or common-law partner and their net gain (line 23600 of the return, or even the quantity it might be because of an impairment in physical or mental functions) if they filed a return) was less than $12,069 ($14,299 if they were dependent on you.

You were separated for only part of 2019 because of a breakdown in your relationship, you have a choice if you had to make support payments to your current or former spouse or common law partner and.

You are able to claim either:

  • The support that is deductible compensated into the 12 months to your better half or common-law partner on the web 22000 of the return
  • A quantity on the web 30300 of one’s return for the partner or common-law partner

Claim whichever is way better for you personally.

You can claim an amount on line 30300 of your return and any allowable amounts on line 32600 of your return if you reconciled with your spouse or common law partner before the end of 2019.

The two of you cannot claim the total amount on the web 30300 for every other for the year that is same.

Make sure to claim the corresponding provincial or territorial tax that is non-refundable to which you might be entitled, online 58120 of the provincial or territorial Form 428.

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