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The Strange Unreality of Life During Eastern Ukraine’s Forgotten War

When Alina and Igor Leschina chose to marry come early july in Avdeevka, a commercial town in eastern Ukraine, that they had two location choices: your local registry workplace with two little, dark spaces in a building that were shelled, or the city center outside. In the long run, they find the center—generally considered a far more pleasant place, despite being next to a minefield. The bride and groom bowed to their parents after signing their marriage certificate.

“Now them, “and started to check out them. That you will be hitched every single other, don’t forget to phone your moms and dads, ” said the registrar whom married” The kind that most newlyweds elsewhere may receive, was also a reminder that in these frontline areas of a war that has simmered for years, many young people still leave for safer places while their parents stay behind that simple advice to the newlyweds.

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